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Suzy Raetz
Registered Nurse
Senior Appearance Medicine Nurse

Suzy has been a New Zealand Registered Nurse since 1982.

She trained and worked in Dunedin, followed by an overseas stint in the UK and Indonesia. After returning to New Zealand, Suzy stayed true to her southern roots and worked as a Plunket nurse, Vaccination Coordinator and Primary Care nurse in Queenstown and Central Otago.

In 2004 she became a founding director of Clinic QT and in 2008, merged with the Skin Institute Group to expand the reach of the clinic into Skin Cancer, Varicose Veins and Appearance Medicine.

Suzy has worked as an Appearance Medicine Nurse for over 15 years. She offers enhancement and improvement of the entire face by using a personalised combination of procedures such as Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxin, IPL, Laser resurfacing and cosmeceutical skin care to artistically create an appearance suitable for the individual client, giving them more self esteem and self confidence.

Suzy is based at Skin Institute Queenstown, offering a full range of Appearance Medicine treatments and services and has now come full circle, offering Anti-Wrinkle and Injectable treatments in our Dunedin Clinic on selected days.