Meet the team

Mr Dilip Naik

MBChB, FRACS, DDU (vascular) Phlebologist
MBChB, FRACS, DDU (vascular) Phlebologist

Mr Dilip Naik has been passionate about vascular and renal transplant surgery since his days as a medical student. His area of specialty is the management of venous disorders and performing arterial and renal transplant surgery. He also practices these surgeries at Capital and Coast DHB. Dilip’s philosophy is to get to know his patients and provide them with the very best care his expertise allows.

Dilip believes the management of venous disorders has been revolutionised by endovenous treatments which are minimally invasive and have virtually replaced surgery. Dilip advocates for venous disorders being addressed before there is skin damage to prevent irreversible damage.

Dilip is also a passionate All Blacks and Hurricanes supporter. He also enjoys cricket and sport in general. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the gym and spending time with his family – especially his grandchildren!

Mr Dilip Naik is available at these clinics