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Sue Bibby
Registered Nurse
Nurse Dermoscopist

If you get your teeth or eyes checked on a regular basis, then don’t leave your skin out, get it checked, keep it healthy and have peace of mind.

Sue graduated in Nursing at the University of Chester, England in 2008.

Sue’s career in Dermatology & skin cancer started early in her training and upon graduating, was lucky enough to secure a position in one of the North West England’s largest and busiest Dermatology departments in the NHS.

Sue then moved to New Zealand in 2009 ,wanting to help make Kiwi skin better, joining the Head & Neck cancer team in ADHB theatres and working alongside Rajan Patel & Mark Izard.

In 2014, Sue moved to Nelson and this is where her Skin Institute marriage began.

Little did Sue know that her skin cancer career would then lead her to Wellington in 2015, to become the manager of the newly purpose-built Skin Institute just off Lambton Quay.

The last 5 years led Sue to expand her skin cancer knowledge and skills with further training in Photodynamic therapy and then in 2019 graduating with a Certificate in Dermoscopy from the Australian Skin Cancer College.

Now in 2020, life has gone in full circle and Sue is back in Auckland as a Nurse Dermoscopist (skin check Nurse) and you can find her performing skin checks in Albany, Silverdale & Northwest clinics, Monday - Thursday.

She loves meeting people and helping put their minds at ease about issues they may have about their skin and relishes the opportunity to educate on safer sun behavior.