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Peel – Pomegranate
Antioxidant Therapy Peel

Lavish your skin with antioxidants to prevent free radical damage and support the life span of healthy cells. 


The perfect entry level peel to promote smoother, brighter skin. This gentle, antioxidant exfoliating treatment leaves skin radiant, renewed and glowing.


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What’s so great about the Skin Institute’s multi-disciplinary approach is that we can offer patients the whole package – from education, to treatment, to follow up care.

Dr Shona Dalzell
Appearance Medicine, Dermatology Associate, Skin Cancer, Veins
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The Pomegranate Peel is specially designed to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly exfoliates while potent antioxidants prevent free radical damage.

The addition of antioxidants makes it a superior choice to traditional chemical peels. Instead of simply exfoliating the skin with acids, the Pomegranate Peel infuses the skin with antioxidants to help nourish and protect the skin.

Here’s what you can expect from this treatment:

  • Increased cell turnover
  • Improved skin hydration
  • Lightened pigmentation
  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits
  • Skin feels smoother

Skin Institute’s Pomegranate Peel treatment is fairly comfortable and lasts for around 30-45 minutes. The mask will be warm – some patients describe it as ‘warm and prickly’ – when it’s first applied to your face, and the sensation will last for a few minutes. Soon, it will change to a pleasant tightening feeling.

Depending on your needs, you may be best served by a series of six or more weekly treatments. After each of them, you can get straight back to your daily life, leaving the skin immediately feeling smoother, radiant and glowing.

The Pomegranate Peel is suitable as an entry level peel or 2 weeks before an event to promote brighter skin. Suitable for all skin tones.

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Why Skin Institute?

Feeling confident and looking the best you can are things we all aim for. Skin Institute has over twenty years of experience in skincare, and we pride ourselves on keeping at the forefront of developments in appearance medicine. Our expert teams are helping Kiwis across the country show the world their best face – and you could be one of them.

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