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Free Spot Check
Free Spot Check

Early detection is incredibly important for some forms of skin cancer. A free spot check at Skin Institute could be the most important appointment you make.


Rather than immediately booking a full body skin check, if you just have one or two moles or lesions that seem concerning, you can be checked and assessed at no cost.

Having a skin cancer diagnosed is an insurmountable fear for many people, however not having it diagnosed is worse and the vast majority who are diagnosed with a skin cancer and then treated are astounded at how easy the process was and how much relief they felt from the process.

Dr Marcus Platts Mills
Dermatology Associate, Skin Cancer
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This information may be useful to read prior to your skin cancer treatment.

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Book a free spot check with one of our doctors or nurse dermoscopists.

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A free spot check at Skin Institute could bring you much needed peace of mind. A full body check-up is a very useful option if you have many areas of concern, but if it’s only one or two spots that are worrying, why not have them checked out for free?

When you book a free spot check at Skin Institute, these are the things to keep in mind:

  • Examination of 1–2 moles/lesions that are identified by the patient for the Clinician to check.
  • Early detection means better management
  • Not all Skin Institute clinics offer this service
  • One free spot check visit per patient is permitted per 6 months. Unless rebooked by the clinical provider.

When you book a free spot check at Skin Institute, our specialists can hone in on 1–2 suspicious moles or lesions – just to see if they are worth further investigation. From there, you can go on for further treatment or tests, or you can head home safe in the knowledge that there’s nothing to worry about.

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Why Skin Institute?

At Skin Institute, we understand that skin cancer can be an intimidating diagnosis to come to terms with. Our multidisciplinary clinics are thoroughly experienced with skin cancer management – and our team of highly-qualified specialists will guide you through from diagnosis to treatment to a healthier tomorrow. You can rely on us to be at your side through the whole process.

Skin Institute is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society, and skin cancer treatments may be covered by medical insurance where medical necessity criteria apply.

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