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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

As a central focal point, your nose is key to a beautiful and balanced face. However, if you’re unhappy with its appearance, or find you have issues breathing, then rhinoplasty may help give you fresh confidence and improve your health.


Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is a relatively common surgical procedure used to improve the shape of the nose and can also address breathing issues. Commonly referred to as a ‘nose job,’ rhinoplasty covers many different procedures. Governed by your proportions and preferences, our surgeons can help give you the nose that best suits you. Given that your nose is not only for looks but vital for breathing, speech and smell, it pays to look after it!

Modern non-surgical treatments for varicose veins are more successful and safer than surgery. Our patients are delighted to avoid surgical stripping and literally walk-in, walk-out from treatment with us. With years of experience and excellent results, our friendly Vein Team really enjoy following our patients through their journey from diagnosis to a successful outcome.

Mr Stephen Benson
Breast and Vein Surgeon, General Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty is a major cosmetic operation and is not undertaken lightly. It is a mixture of skilled surgical technique, attention to detail, and artistry. We may use computer modelling to understand what you would like to achieve from the procedure, and importantly whether this is possible. You will have an extensive consultation with your specialist, and once a realistic goal is set for surgery, your surgeon will discuss the type of rhinoplasty most suitable for you.

If you’re thinking of undergoing rhinoplasty, here’s the basic outline of what the procedure entails:

  • Thorough discussion of your needs and goals prior to surgery, usually at least two consultations and possibly a computer modelling session
  • Usually an open procedure at least two hours of surgery
  • General anaesthesia used in all circumstances
  • Usually an overnight stay
  • Specific post-surgical care as directed by your specialist

Rhinoplasties are done under a general anaesthetic. They are an involved procedure, with bone and soft tissue involvement.

Your rhinoplasty will combine surgical and medical procedures, and second stage procedures may be required to achieve your desired result. This is common, as our surgeons understand that beauty and health are both journeys. We’ll be by your side throughout the process to ensure you get the bests result possible.


After treatment

Post-surgery care after a rhinoplasty is relatively simple. For the first week following your surgery, it’s important to sleep with your head propped up on a few pillows – this will raise the head and assist with blood flow, which will minimise swelling in your face. It’s also important to avoid any bending over, heavy lifting, alcohol consumption or vigorous activity for the first two weeks – so it’s a good chance to relax and take things slowly while you recover.

You’ll be prescribed an oral antibiotic which will reduce the risk of any infection, and you’ll be seen by one of our nurses a week after your surgery for a follow-up check and to have any sutures removed. After having a rhinoplasty, most people can return to work after one week.

There will be a further follow up appointment at around 5 weeks post-op, when photos will be taken again, and you will see the difference that a rhinoplasty has made to your appearance.

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