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Neck Lift

If you are unhappy with excess skin around your neck, or have a double chin that you would like to make disappear, then a neck lift with the skin institute’s experienced cosmetic surgeon could be the solution you are looking for.


A neck lift is designed to improve the appearance of the neck, and jawline, removing loose skin and excess fat and that unwanted double chin.   It is done in conjunction with a lower face lift, and together this will improve the definition of your jawline, giving you back your confidence and a more youthful look.

Modern non-surgical treatments for varicose veins are more successful and safer than surgery. Our patients are delighted to avoid surgical stripping and literally walk-in, walk-out from treatment with us. With years of experience and excellent results, our friendly Vein Team really enjoy following our patients through their journey from diagnosis to a successful outcome.

Mr Stephen Benson
Breast and Vein Surgeon, General Surgeon
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Excess skin and loss of definition around the neck and jawline can have a significantly undesirable effect on the overall facial balance, appearance, and age. Not surprisingly, this area is one of the commonest requests for surgical improvement.

Your initial consultation with one of our leading surgeons will consist of a medical assessment and examination, during which you will discuss your specific requirements and expectations. Photographs may be taken to assist in the discussion and will be saved to your clinical record as a reference. You’re welcome to bring a support person to your consultation, if this would make you more comfortable.

There are a number of additional procedures that may complement the results of a neck lift.  Our surgeons will discuss these procedures and recommendations with you, ensuring you’re aware of all the treatment options available to you to achieve your desired result.



A necklift is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of the neck by removing loose skin and excess fat and better defining the neck and jawline angles.  It also addresses vertical folds of skin or muscle that may be quite prominent when one is talking (“platysmal bands”).

The face should always be considered as a whole, and often the lower face is addressed at the same time. The overall effect of surgery is a natural and youthful improvement in the neck and jawline in both the frontal and side views and removing the “double chin”. This should be in harmony with the rest of the face.

A neck lift is seldom done without also addressing the lower face.  The scars usually fall within the hairline and around the ear. They are designed in such a way that you will be able to wear your hair in any style that you wish once they have had a chance to mature.

Post treatment care

Following your surgery you will have dressings and bandages on. You will stay overnight in hospital, and may have small drains in. The dressings and drains will be removed the next day before you leave hospital. This is a simple procedure, and generally not painful. You will be able to shower and wash your hair with a gentle shampoo that day.

You may have a facial support garment to wear, which will support the skin and tissues in your face.  If required this will initially be worn for 24 hours a day, then reduced to night time wear.

You will be asked to apply antibiotic ointment, which the nurses will give you instructions for.

It is essential that you take adequate rest. You should rest quietly in bed for the first 48 hours, with your head raised on several pillows, to reduce swelling, discomfort and tension on the sutures. You will need 10 – 14 days off work, and no heavy lifting or exercising of any kind for one month.

If you require pain-relieving medication, Panadol is best and should be taken regularly.

In general it’s best to take pain relief medication regularly in the first 24 -48 hours after surgery even if it is not necessary. It is much easier to keep the discomfort under control with regular pain relief than to try to catch up with extra medication should the pain become worse.

Your sutures will begin to dissolve on their own over the next several weeks. Seven days after your surgery, you will have an appointment at Skin Institute, and any non-dissolving sutures will be gently removed, and any knots of the dissolving sutures will be snipped. Your wound will be checked, and any further instructions given.

Full post-operative instructions will be given, and it is important to follow these carefully.

You will be able to wear light make-up to cover any discolouration once the sutures are removed.

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