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Gyaecomastia (male breasts)

This can be a very embarrassing condition for males. Often they will avoid situations where they are required to remove their shirt, and go to great lengths to prevent it from being seen. This condition is most often a genetic condition that they have been born with and has developed over a period of time. It can however, in some instances be weight related, but losing weight is often not enough. No amount of exercise will remove the male breast. Surgery with our experienced plastic surgeons can be the answer.

Skin Institute clients benefit from the only multidisciplinary skin cancer organisation, which has an immense wealth of surgical expertise and knowledge of skin diseases.

Mr Rajan S Patel
CCPDMA Surgeon, Facial Plastics, Reconstruction, Skin Cancer
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Correction of gynaecomastia is a mixture of liposuction (which sometimes can be sufficient to achieve the results required), liposuction with open surgery, or surgery alone. If survey is required, it is because the tissue, particularly under the nipples cannot be removed with liposuction.

A consultation with our surgeon can clarify for you whether liposuction or surgery is necessary for you. They will discuss the various options and give you an honest, reliable opinion on the best course for you. Complications will be discussed, plus the post – operative care required.


Gynaecomastia can be done under a local anaesthetic with sedation if the only treatment required is liposuction, and you will be able to go home the same day.

If surgery is required it will be done under a general anaesthetic. The suture line is around the areola, and when sutured up, once healed, be almost invisible. This will require an overnight stay in hospital.

If liposuction is part of the treatment, a firm garment will have to be worn for about 4 weeks.

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