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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

Ears frame your face, and having unconventionally shaped or sized ears can make you feel self-conscious. Whether yours are too prominent for your liking, irregularly shaped or display another kind of deformity, Skin Institute’s cosmetic surgeons can help give you the look you’re hoping for.


Surgical correction of ear deformities can help draw attention away from problem areas and back to your face. With years of experience, our skilled surgeons regularly help patients from all ages and walks of life through effective, safe otoplasty.

What’s so great about the Skin Institute’s multi-disciplinary approach is that we can offer patients the whole package – from education, to treatment, to follow up care.

Dr Shona Dalzell
Appearance Medicine, Dermatology Associate, Skin Cancer, Veins
Treatment Detail Sheet

If you have booked, or plan to, this information is useful to read prior to your surgical procedure.

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The procedure is available for adults and children from the age of 5. The procedure is usually performed behind the ear, where a small area of skin is removed and the cartilage beneath is weakened and reshaped. Your surgeon will use dissolvable sutures to fashion your ear into the desired shape and pin back the ear into position. If needed, this can be performed on both ears – and we will compare them carefully to ensure they are symmetrical as possible before closing the wounds.

The deformities treated with this procedure are very common – there are many different forms. The most common is prominent ears but we can also alter the shape of your ear, including ‘bat ear’ and ‘lope ear’. With otoplasty and the skills of the experienced team at Skin Institute, you can be freed from ear-related self-consciousness.

We can also fix large ear lobe deformities caused by rings and piercings.

For Skin Institute’s otoplasty procedure, you can expect the following:

  • This will most likely be done under a general anaesthetic. It can be done under a local anaesthetic with sedation, but is often not well tolerated. For children it is always done with a general anaesthetic.
  • 60-120-minute duration (approximately), and can go home the same day.
  • Well-tolerated by patients
  • Pain relief and antibiotics required following the surgery
  • Headband to be worn at night for 2 weeks

The whole procedure should take about 120 minutes (less if it’s only one ear needing attention) and is very well-tolerated by patients. Occasionally the ear can unfold when the tension in the cartilage is too great for the repair to be performed – if this complication arises, it can be corrected at a later date.

Things that will help you heal and ensure the best results include:

  • In the first 48 hours, sleep propped up on pillows to minimise swelling – and ensure that you take pain relief.
  • Wearing a head bandage for the first 7 days during which you can shower but the head bandage must stay dry.
  • After 7 days you will have a post-operative check up where you will switch to the tennis-style headband or a firm beanie that will then be worn overnight for the next 2 weeks. Most people are ready to go back to work at this time, however the beanie or headband must stay on for 2 weeks.
  • For the first week, avoiding bending over, heavy lifting, alcohol consumption or vigorous activity. It’s best to sleep on your back during this time.
  • Being very careful of your ears when you’re taking clothes on or off.
  • Taking antibiotics to avoid infection – you must follow the regime to its end to ensure its effectiveness.
  • You will have a further post-operative appointment at 5-6 weeks for. final check with your surgeon.


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