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Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer
Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer (PRP)

With recent developments in appearance medicine, sometimes your own body can provide the fix you need for beautiful refreshed skin.


If you want an effective, natural way to restore your youthful glow, Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer treatments (PRP) could be for you. This two-hour, in-clinic treatment uses your body’s own natural resources to improve the tone and softness of your skin, and enhance radiance and luminosity.  The separation of plasma from your red blood cells delivers concentrated platelets and growth factors, which are regenerative and rich healing substances.  PRP is becoming increasingly popular due to its natural approach to rejuvenating and refreshing your skin.

What’s so great about the Skin Institute’s multi-disciplinary approach is that we can offer patients the whole package – from education, to treatment, to follow up care.

Dr Shona Dalzell
Appearance Medicine, Dermatology Associate, Skin Cancer, Veins
Treatment Detail Sheet

This information may be useful to read prior to your Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer treatment.

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Book a cosmetic consultation with one of our Appearance Medicine Nurses.

Book a Consultation
Book a cosmetic consultation

Book a cosmetic consultation with one of our Appearance Medicine Nurses.

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First, you’ll have a consultation with one of our friendly Appearance Medicine nurses to discuss your skin needs and which PRP treatment would suit you best.

The next step is your treatment appointment, where our registered nurses apply numbing cream to the area to be treated, and take a small vial of blood from your arm, in the same way we would for a normal blood test. Then we spin the vial in a centrifuge to separate your plasma from your red blood cells. This spinning process concentrates your platelets, which are the cell fragments that produce the growth factors that trigger healing. This rich nourishing fluid is then gently injected into the areas of concern on the face and neck.

For more advanced results, PRP is combined with dermal needling, which helps reduce pore size and scarring, making your skin look and feel smoother. Alternatively, for extra hydration and nourishment, our third option is Matrix PRP. This mixes PRP with a light hyaluranon gel before injection for extra improvement in skin tone and luminosity.


Within four to six weeks of treatment patients often report an overall improvement in skin hydration, texture and tone. New collagen and blood vessels begin to grow after three to six weeks, and skin repair happens over the next three months. As cell growth is required to manufacture new tissue, it does take time to work, but the effects of PRP can sometimes be observed sooner depending on the particular treatment plan and on the individual. Because it is a natural process, results can vary, and occasionally changes at a cellular level do not translate to a visible change.

Why Skin Institute?

Feeling confident and looking the best you can are things we all aim for. Skin Institute has over twenty years of experience in skincare, and we pride ourselves on keeping at the forefront of developments in appearance medicine. Our expert teams are helping Kiwis across the country show the world their best face – and you could be one of them.

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Book a cosmetic consultation

Book a cosmetic consultation with one of our Appearance Medicine Nurses.