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Skin Institute is your partner along your skin health journey, helping you maintain healthy, beautiful skin and providing life-changing (and often life-saving) treatments.

Our multidisciplinary team combine experience in treatments and services across skin cancer, appearance medicine, dermatology and veins, with the aim of giving you one place to go for all your skin health needs.


Whether you’re concerned about how your skin looks, are worried about the impact that the sun has had on your skin, or are just hoping to keep your skin looking healthy throughout your life, we’d love to help ease your mind and take care of your skin – and you.

Beauty therapy is a very challenging yet rewarding job. It puts a huge smile on my face when I make a difference in my clients lives. There is a huge amount of job satisfaction. I enjoy working with such a professional, talented and compassionate team. How lucky am I.

Maria Grieve
Advanced Skin Therapist

Caring about your appearance is a natural part of life. Looking great makes us feel great, which is why our Appearance Medicine doctors and nurses offer a comprehensive range of non-surgical appearance medicine treatments to help you achieve beautiful healthy skin. We offer a 45-minute cosmetic consultation where we provide recommendations customised to suit you and you can take back control of your skin’s appearance.

Skin Cancer

The blazing sunshine and hole in the ozone layer over New Zealand leads to thousands of people each year suffering from melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. Our trained surgeons and skin cancer specialists are experts in preventing and treating skin cancer, with a range of medical services from skin cancer assessments through to advanced surgery, as needed. At any stage of your skin cancer journey, we’ll be right beside you.


We want you to feel proud of your skin, yet we understand that having a skin condition can affect that confidence. Dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, and other conditions affect people of all ages, so our team of Dermatologists and Dermatology Associates can help diagnose and treat any skin problems, leaving you feeling confident and empowered to show off your skin.

Treatments & Services

Vein disease can leave people uncomfortable and under confident, with some causing significant pain and obvious signs. Whether a cosmetic vein disease like spider veins, an uncomfortable and often painful issue like varicose veins, or a debilitating problem like venous ulcers, our experienced team offer a range of treatment options to make sure your veins don’t get in the way of you living.