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Vanessa McNamara
Registered Nurse
Appearance Medicine Nurse

For me, appearance medicine is about providing the best care and information for my clients. I can support clients in their journey by providing safe, customised treatments to enhance their confidence and natural beauty.

Vanessa is a New Zealand Registered Nurse and has been with Skin Institute for over 7 years, offering quality client care and creating a holistic, natural look for clients.

She focuses on achieving a natural, fresh result so that clients appear rejuvenated. She embraces cutting edge treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma, which targets all skin types.

A growing interest for Vanessa is treating darker skin types. Vanessa’s experience allows her to deliver effective yet safe treatments whist providing her clients with excellent customer service.

She is passionate about continual growth and education, attending worldwide Appearance Medicine conferences and seminars.

Vanessa is based at Skin Institute New Lynn and NorthWest clinics, offering a range of Appearance Medicine treatments and services.