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Mr Rajan S Patel
CCPDMA Surgeon, Head & Neck Facial Plastic Surgeon

Skin Institute clients benefit from the only multidisciplinary skin cancer organisation, which has an immense wealth of surgical expertise and knowledge of skin diseases.

Rajan’s surgical expertise and interests include management of all skin cancers and melanoma, particularly on the face, head and neck. Rajan’s reconstructive expertise is particularly useful in patients with facial skin cancers and in patients with extensive facial, head or neck cancer. Rajan’s other areas of expertise include sentinel node biopsy, neck dissection, thyroid surgery, salivary gland surgery; and vascularized free tissue reconstruction of tongue, jaw, pharynx and larynx.

Rajan completed undergraduate medical training (MBChB) and otolaryngology, head and neck surgery training (MRCS and FRCS) in the UK. Thereafter, he undertook advanced surgical training in head and neck surgery and reconstructive surgery at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney (1 year), and at the Toronto General Hospital (2 years). Before moving to Auckland where he was appointed Consultant Head & Neck and Reconstructive Surgeon at Auckland City Hospital in 2009.

Rajan also has a strong background in research. He has published over 40 articles in scientific journals as well as several book chapters on head and neck surgery. In 2005 he was awarded Doctor of Medicine (MD) diploma by the University of Glasgow for his research efforts, and in 2010 he was appointed Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Surgery at the University of Auckland.