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Lee Keating
Registered Nurse
Appearance Medicine Nurse

Lee gained her New Zealand Comprehensive Nursing Registration in 1991, and became a qualified Midwife in 1993. After spending 10 years as an independent and hospital midwife for 10 years, specalising in obstetrics, Women’s health, theatre and recovery, Lee joined the Skin Institute team in 2008.

Lee is an experienced Appearance Medicine nurse, who uses her years of experience to work in a holistic manner with her clients, starting with their skin.
Lee believes looking good has an impact on your self-esteem and confidence and she will work with you to achieve a natural healthy look. Her aim is to enhance what you have and help slow down the appearance of ageing.

Lee attends regular educational seminars, nationally and internationally, which allows her to provide her clients with the most current and up to date cosmetic procedures.