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Dr Sue Cutmore
Dermatology Associate, Skin Cancer

In 1991 Sue completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Queensland. After postgraduate training, she completed her Royal Australian General Practice Fellowship in Brisbane.

In 1998, she gained fellowship with the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and since then has worked extensively in various general practices throughout Auckland.

Her training and work in Queensland has given her a passion for skin cancer medicine and minor surgery, and she has been further educated in dermoscopy through Cardiff University.

Sue has completed a comprehensive course in skin cancer management through the Skin Cancer College of Australia and now holds a Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine. Sue has recently completed with Credit a Diploma of Dermatology through the Australian Institute of dermatology and is now currently completing an advanced Diploma in dermatology through the Australian institute of Dermatology.

Sue is also the mother of two children.