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Dr Richard Orr Macharg
MB ChB, Dip Obst, Dip SEM (Sports and Exercise Medicine), FRNZCGP
Dermatology Associate

Sun, like many things, is best taken in moderation.

Dr Richard Orr Macharg was inspired to become a skin practitioner when it became an area of specialisation that he could build on from his initial training in surgery and developed through his many years in General Practice. He approaches each patient with the view to continue the philosophy of patient centred treatment with shared decision making in treatment planning and approach to care.

Dr Richard Orr Macharg's area of speciality include skin cancer surgery with his previous training in dermoscopy.

In his recent years, he's seen a positive shift in his field of medicine with treatment service and treatment choice information becoming more readily available. He particularly sees positive movements in the rising awareness of being vigilant and early detection of skin cancer.

He enjoys working in this industry with his chance to make a difference. His advice is take the sun and exposure to it, in moderation.

Out of work, Dr Richard Orr Macharg enjoys cycling to wherever the road takes him, whether it is on the road or mountain. He also enjoys skiing and gardening (which he is required to take his own advice with sun care).