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Dr Daniela Vanousova
MD, PhD Dermatology

Daniela graduated from the Medical Faculty at Charles University in Prague in 1996. She started her training in pathology before switching to dermatology after the birth of her two children.

Daniela obtained her training in Dermatology in Bulovka Hospital in Prague and after gaining Dermatology Board Certification in 2008, she continued working as a Consultant and Lecturer. She developed a special interest in Venereology (sexually transmitted and genital diseases) and became a Consultant for the HIV clinic. Daniela was involved in first detection of a disease called Lymphogranuloma venereum in the Czech Republic.

She also worked in a medical facility for expatriate patients at the Canadian Medical Care in Prague over a period of five years, where she focused on early detection of skin cancers, skin surgery and general dermatology.

Daniela has a strong research background. She completed her postdoctoral study and gained a PhD degree in Dermatology in 2014. She also published several scientific articles in the Czech Republic and in International journals. She has co-authored three medical books and lectured at several domestic and international congresses.

She spent six months observing Dermatologists and GP Dermatology Associates in different medical facilities in New Zealand during her stay in 2015. This experience has given her a passion for dermoscopy and a wider knowledge of early detection of skin cancers. Daniela has completed the Certificate in Dermoscopy and Advanced Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine at Skin Cancer College Australasia. She is also an Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor by Skin Cancer College Australasia.

She relocated and has been practising in New Zealand since 2016.