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Meet the team

Lee Keating

Registered Nurse Appearance Medicine Nurse
Registered Nurse Appearance Medicine Nurse

Lee graduated as a comprehensive nurse in 1990, she then went on to become a Registered Midwife. After many years of working with women and their families, Lee joined our Appearance Medicine team in 2008.

With 14 years at Skin Institute, Lee is an experienced passionate highly skilled and talented, Appearance Medicine Nurse, specialising in Dermal fillers, Botox, and skin laser rejuvenation treatments. Her knowledge and expertise allow her to work with you to achieve beautiful soft age-appropriate results, enhance your natural beauty and help slow down the ageing process, so you can look and feel your best.

Lee has kept her practice up to date by attending international and national seminars, this enables her to offer you the most recent and advanced cosmetic treatments.

With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Lee also involves in training our new Appearance Medicine Nurses at the Skin Institute group.

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