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Post Summer Skin
Skin Institute
June 12, 2020

Following the rules of keeping your skin protected from harmful rays during the summer months can be challenging.  However, whether you wore plenty of sunscreen and even made good use of the shade, like most of us, chances are you picked up some incidental UV exposure. With autumn upon us, there is no better time to take stock of the health of your skin – think hyperpigmentation, fine lines and dryness – it’s worth doing some damage control now to minimise the long-term effects.

The chilly air can wreak havoc on your skin. We’re talking flaky patches, mystery breakouts, and the sudden appearance of sun spots, which is not a summer memento we want to hold on to. Changing season calls for changing up our skin care routine. Once the summer sun sets, your skin can be left looking and feeling dehydrated.

With now being the time to give our skin a little loving, slathering on a simple moisturizer just won’t suffice.  In addition to keeping it hydrated, you need to repair the damage done.

The best recommendations for your post-summer skin care regimen;


The best place to start on your road to recovery is with a mild and gentle cleansing routine. To help minimise the signs of sun-damaged skin, we suggest investing in one infused with vitamin C, which not only gives you strong antioxidant protection but also improves skin firmness.

In cooler, dryer months, your skin will benefit from using a gentle, creamy cleanser. This won’t strip your skin of the precious natural oils that keep skin supple and maintain a good barrier protection against the challenges of the harsh winter climate. When summer returns with the accompanying heat, feel free to switch back. For a milder option, these two cult cleansers work a treat;

Synergy Bio Cleanser

Aspect Mild Cleanser



If your skin is feeling tight and looking dry or flaky, there’s a good chance the sun has depleted the moisture from it.  Opting for a gentle, controlled formulation will help gently slough off dead skin while keeping it hydrated. Thecombination of sunscreen and makeup can cause grime and dirt to clog your pores. Exfoliating 1-2 times per week will protect your skin from further breakouts and make your skin feel clean.

Exfoliating also means any reparative skin treatments used subsequently will be able to reach deep enough below the surface to have a lasting impact. Be assured, there’s gorgeous-looking skin under there somewhere. (?)

An ‘in-clinic’ professional peel is a perfect way to treat all skin types and soften the leathery effects of the sun and forthcoming winter weather conditions. An “all round” hero treatment, professional Peels can also help with clearing blemished skin, fading scars, softening skin and making your complexion glow.

After any peel or exfoliation, breathing moisture back into your skin is a MUST! Changing to a moisturiser with antioxidant rich vitamins helps to reverse the signs of summer and remain soft-as-a-petal.  We recommend our hero hydrators;

Aspect Dr Hyaluronic serum

Aspect Hydrating Mask



Every morning, adding an antioxidant-packed Vtamin C serum under your sunscreen has been shown to provide numerous beneficial effects on photodamaged skin.

Preventing sun damage helps slow the aging process, keeping your skin looking younger as you age. Whether it’s cloudy and cold, you should still wear sunscreen daily. It remains the most effective and cheapest way to care for your skin. Choose a product that has the highest percentage of zinc, aiming to have at least 10% zinc oxide as the active ingredient. Our sunscreen recommendations to keep you protected are;


Image Hydrating SPF30

AO 6000x SPF30

Synergy Uberzinc


A night serum is something that every woman should have handy to protect against the environment and UV light.  These often contain non-prescription strength retinol, which helps increase cell turnover, or natural brightening ingredients like soy, licorice extract, kojic acid, and mulberry. Try an overnight deep moisturizing formula to soften your skin while you catch some shut eye. The dual action in these overnight formulas redefines the meaning of beauty sleep.



Do your cheeks appear flushed or a cherry red hue? This is due to photo-damage to the underlying blood vessels. These dilated “broken” blood vessels are most likely caused by UV-A light that leads to the destruction of the collagen support around the blood vessels, the result of chronic photo-degradation of both vitamin A and C.

To begin, we must address the chronic deficiency of vitamin A in the skin that is a major contributor to the problem. Generally, the use of a skin-care range containing vitamin A and C with antioxidants will be sufficient treatment for mild cases, but it may take several months before the skin is comfortable. In more severe cases, a Vitamin A peel is recommended.

If your skin is feeling particularly weathered and blemish-prone from the warmer climate,  investing in a moisturiser that contains niacinamide will work wonders. An ingredient that might not have received the same amount of hype as say retinol or hyaluronic acid, it’s a great all-rounder that helps to keep your skin hydrated with the added bonus of soothing acne.

Don’t mistake the brown spots that pepper your face from cheek to cheek, and across your nose for freckles. Whilst freckles appear cute; these are in fact sunspots and signs of “hyperpigmentation.” You want them gone! You want the even-toned, radiant skin that inspires face wash commercials.

In your quest for a clearer complexion a laser consultation is recommended for lightening up those spots for good. You can choose from a series of laser treatments like IPL (intense pulsed light). Consult your clinician as to what would be best for you, as it depends on your skin tone and the severity of discoloration.

Achieving healthy, post-summer skin can be more of a marathon than a sprint. The sun is a force to be reckoned with and a battle your skin rarely wins. Although none of this is ground breaking, sometimes we get in a rut and don’t know what would best fix our sun-worn skin.

Following all of the above and paying particular attention to dry or sun damaged areas will generate, healthier  looking skin and a happier you!!


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