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Skin Cancer Workshop – March 2016
Skin Institute
March 20, 2016

At Skin Institute we take your skin health seriously. That’s why we hold skin cancer workshops for General Practitioner Doctors (GPs). Take a look behind the scenes at the latest workshop held at the Waitemata Primary Health Organisation.

Mr Rajan Patel, Skin Institute surgeon, educated the class on skin cancer, dermoscopy and surgical skills. Mr Patel showed the class of GPs how to close a wound and also demonstrated surgical techniques to improve wound closure and aesthetics, including demonstration of closing local flaps with pigskins. “Closing local flaps” is a complex technique used when simple surgical techniques such as a direct closure are not possible. Instead, using this technique, surgical wounds are closed by moving adjacent tissue (usually skin) with intact blood supply into the wound. This technique is utilised to optimise healing and the aesthetics of the wound. “The reason we use pigskins in workshops is because they are readily available and work well in surgery workshops” says Mr Patel.

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GPs in attendance at this workshop had the opportunity to improve their theoretical and practical skills in the surgical management of skin lesions (that’s a localized, defined area of abnormal skin tissue). We focus on lesions commonly encountered by Doctors in General Practice, like an abnormal looking mole. As specialists in assessing and treating skin lesions, we feel a responsibility to share our knowledge and GPs report that it’s an excellent way to practically further their education.

Mr Patel regularly conducts surgery workshops for Doctors e.g Goodfellow Symposium and the Rotorua GP CME Conference every year.