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The Skin Institute’s Spaceship Lands on Auckland’s `Medical Mile’
Skin Institute
February 26, 2015

Skin Institute Head & Neck Surgeon, Mr Mark Izzard thinks the company’s latest addition to its growing list of clinics “looks like a spaceship has landed” but says that’s important when you have to stand out from the crowd on Auckland’s “medical mile”.

The clinic located at 123 Remuera Road is on the top floor of the Eye Institute Building and recently opened after a year’s worth of work and substantial investment.

“We’ve been around for 20 years, so it’s taken quite a while for the Skin Institute to get to Remuera – but now we’re here with a bang,” Mr Izzard says.

“We’ve waited a long time before we found the right site to move into Remuera – this setting and the joint venture with the Eye Institute is perfect. We’ve been able to take the top floor of the building and built a state-of-the-art clinic. Each clinic we create is an evolution on a theme and this one is no exception – and it looks really cool, it’s like a spaceship has landed.”

The Remuera clinic features two operating theatres, a laboratory, consulting suites, cosmetic suites, retail space and recovery areas – with the emphasis on providing impeccable service in the most comfortable and relaxing surroundings.

“It is a really tech-focused clinic but we’ve spent a lot of thought on getting the clinic right in terms of design too”.

“We’ve got 16 Skin Institute clinics around the country already but this is our first foray into Remuera, which is that traditional “medical mile” and we really wanted to make sure we created a high-end practice, which offers the company’s trademark multi-disciplinary approach to skin cancer and vein treatment, surgery and appearance medicine”.

This includes a full hi-tech laboratory suite to enable Mohs or CCPDMA (Complete Circumferential Peripheral & Deep Margin Assessment) surgery. These are the most advanced methods of curing skin cancer and involve onsite testing of tissue during the procedure.

The Remuera team includes leading Dermatologist, Dr Vania Sinovich who specialises in early skin cancer detection and management, adolescent dermatology including acne, vulval dermatology and paediatric dermatology.

“Vania has been been practicing for a long time and been working with us for 12 years but now she’s taken the plunge to become a partner as well. So we’re welcoming her by creating this clinic as her new home.”

The team also includes experienced Breast and Vein Surgeon, Mr Stephen Benson, who offers a large range surgery including breast cancer surgery, cosmetic breast surgery (including breast augmentation and reduction), skin lesions, hernias and laser, surgical and injection-based varicose vein treatments.

Registered Nurse Sally Coulam (previously Ellison) heads up the Appearance Medicine side.

“Sally was in Remuera for many years so this is something of a homecoming for her.  She set up the Ponsonby clinic for us so it’s great for the Skin Institute to have her back in Remuera.”

New to the Skin Institute and who will be based at Remuera is Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Mr Zachary Moaveni. Mr Moaveni offers a wide array of procedures including nose reshaping, prominent ear surgery, face and neck lifts, abdominoplasty, body contouring and lifts.

The new Skin Institute Remuera clinic is open from Monday to Friday and offers a comprehensive range of specialist, cosmetic and surgical services,  treatments for skin cancer, veins and appearance medicine, as well as Mohs/CCPDMA surgery for skin cancer.

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