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Powerful effects, extraordinary benefits – understanding hyaluronic acid.
Skin Institute
March 12, 2018

It can be difficult to keep up with developments in the beauty-product and appearance-medicine world – particularly when it comes to anti-aging. New ‘game changing’ ingredients seem to be discovered constantly, and ‘revolutionary’ products are launched all the time. Unfortunately for those seeking real results, the benefits of many of these new ingredients are overstated.

Hyaluronic acid is not a short-lived, trendy ingredient. It’s one of the most effective and remarkable ingredients we at the Skin Institute have ever used. Applied properly, it can be incredibly beneficial for most skin types, providing powerful hydration, calming sensitive skin and reducing the skin’s aged appearance.

Here’s what it is, how it works and how to get the best results.

The basics – natural anti-aging properties

Hyaluronic acid may sound like a synthetic chemical, but it’s actually a naturally occurring substance found in all living organisms. In humans, it’s concentrated in soft connective tissues, in the fluids inside the eye, and in the skin.  In humans, the acid is a soft, jelly-like substance that helps fill in the spaces between collagen and elastin fibres, giving skin its softness and helping protect against damage from pollution. It acts as a mechanism to transport nutrients from the bloodstream to skin cells, and retains water to keep skin hydrated.

Unfortunately, your body’s natural hyaluronic acid doesn’t last forever. The stores that help keep your skin young and healthy looking are depleted by exposure to the sun, harsh products, and plain old aging. This can lead to your skin becoming thinner, more delicate and less elastic – which all adds up to a prematurely aged appearance.

The benefits – hydration, protection and wrinkle repair

Because it’s one of the natural substances found in skin cells, hyaluronic acid can have incredible benefits when applied to skin.  Hyaluronic acid holds moisture very well, delivering water to skin cells and helping keep it there. It also boosts antioxidant levels in the skin, which helps protect against environmental pollutants and sun damage.

By boosting the skin’s water content, hyaluronic acid helps repair fine lines and reduce the appearance of heavier wrinkles. This makes your skin smoother and improves skin tone, for a more youthful look overall. It makes sense – you’re essentially replacing the skin’s natural stores that have been lost over the years.


The products – getting the best results

There are two ways to use hyaluronic acid on skin – through topical moisturisers, and with specialised ‘injectable’ moisturisers or fillers.

Hyaluronic acid-based products are considered highly safe, especially those made from synthesised hyaluronic acid (HA), which is made in a lab using bacteria. There are few allergic reactions or side effects involved, though some people may experience mild, temporary redness or swelling after an injection.

Moisturisers and serums

Moisturisers are the simplest way to use HA on your skin. These specialist products use synthetic HA to deliver hydration without oiliness, making skin look plumper and firmer. However, because HA molecules are too large to penetrate skin, external creams and serums only affect the top layers of skin, and must be used consistently to see results.

Injectable hydration

Injectable HA products can deliver much more dramatic results, without the need for continuous use. At Skin Institute, one of our newest treatments, Dermagun, involves using a multi-needle gun to inject tiny droplets of nourishing HA, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals  into the skin. The gun-style applicator ensures that the moisturising substance is delivered at the exact level for maximum efficacy. The treatment gives you excellent, lasting hydration, resulting in firmer, plumper, and younger-looking skin.

Hyaluranon dermal fillers are another option. Injected under the skin, these fillers improve skin hydration and boost collagen production, which leads to plumper, younger-looking skin. They lift wrinkles, plump lips, contour cheeks, and reduce sagging jowls or hollowing around the eyes.

Growing popularity

The safety, ease of use, lack of downtime and excellent results associated with hyaluronic treatments make them very popular with patients and cosmetic-medicine doctors.

In NZ, popularity is growing quickly due to its success improving the appearance of our sun-damaged skin. At Skin Institute, our Dermagun treatment has been extremely popular. The treatment involves precision injections of Teosyl Redensity, a non-cross-linked HA combined with eight amino acids, three antioxidants, two minerals and one vitamin. This powerful combination delivers excellent results and lasting improvement of skin hydration and elasticity.

That’s why these treatments are one of our standout growth areas – and why they’ll continue to increase in popularity the more people find out about them.

Book a consultation with one of our expert appearance-medicine specialists, and we’ll help you choose the right treatments for your skin.