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Sagging Skin
Sagging Skin

A few attractive wrinkles can give us character, especially the crinkles at the corner of our eyes which are associated with smiling.

However when sagging appears, sadly it rarely enhances our faces. Sagging can make us look tired, sad or unapproachable when in reality we feel very different inside. Luckily, it can usually be improved quickly and simply, thanks to our team of Appearance Medicine experts.

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As we reach our 40’s, ageing changes to facial fat and bone can cause saggy jowls, a downturned mouth and tired shadows under our eyes. There is a cascade effect: our chin rotates upwards, our lips shrink by collapsing inwards, and the bones beside our nose retreat backwards into our face. You might notice this even more if you lose weight.

Levels of collagen and elastin in the skin also reduce with age, especially if we have been sun worshippers. Sun-damaged skin is less elastic and less able to cope with changes happening deep under the skin, making the creases and hollows of a sagging face more evident.


Hyaluranon dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, Emmervel®, Perlane® and Belotero® are the most effective non-surgical treatment for sagging skin. Placing small amounts of dermal filler at key points in the face, such as the cheeks and chin, and even unexpected places like in front of the ears, supports areas losing volume and results in a subtle lift. This can reduce the jowls and hollows under the eyes, supporting the corners of the mouth, giving your face a happier, fresher look.

The “8 Point Approach” to placing dermal fillers is specifically designed to address sag. At Skin Institute we use the latest and safest techniques to deliver a natural looking result.

Botulinum toxin can also be used “off label” to gently relax the downwards pull of selected muscles in the face, allowing the skin to release upwards. This can help sharpen the jawline and lift the corners of the mouth.

Whilst skin creams can’t reverse sagging, a comprehensive skin care plan to protect your skin from the sun and encourage maximum collagen production is a powerful way to help maximize other treatments. We use powerful medical grade skin care to activate your own repair processes, encouraging faster cell turnover for better looking skin.

To find out if these treatments are right for you, book a free 30-minute consultation with one of our friendly Appearance Medicine nurses. Your nurse will discuss your concerns with you, and create a personalized treatment plan to suit your goals and budget.

For some patients, surgery is the best option. Because we are a multi-disciplinary business, your Appearance Medicine nurse can refer you onto one of our skilled surgeons.

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Why Skin Institute?

Feeling confident and looking the best you can are things we all aim for. Skin Institute has over twenty years of experience in skincare, and we pride ourselves on keeping at the forefront of developments in appearance medicine. Our expert teams are helping Kiwis across the country show the world their best face – and you could be one of them.

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