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Marionette Lines
Marionette Lines

Have you developed facial folds between the corners of your mouth and chin? These frustrating folds, which can often make you appear angry or sad, are known as marionette lines.


Marionette lines are a common point of frustration – and as such, we offer highly effective treatment methods to help you smooth out folds and bring your face back to the way you want it to look.

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Facial folds are a common sign of ageing skin. Ligaments loosen, fat deposits become depleted and skin sags – all of these things combine to deepen the line where facial expressions occur. There is a genetic component to marionette lines, as there is with so many elements of skin health and development. If you are inclined to them, there isn’t a means of prevention, but rest assured that there are several viable treatment options available to you.


Before treating you, our team of Appearance Medicine experts will assess your individual case and advise a treatment plan suited precisely to your need.

While Botulinum toxin injections are often the treatment of choice for less pronounced lines, more established marionette lines are best treated with Dermal Filler injections. The specialised substance plumps the skin beneath the lines and softens their appearance.

As well as these injectable options, there are recommended day-to-day skincare routines to help preserve the skin’s collagen and elasticity. Our staff can provide a carefully tailored treatment plan, but in general the best course of action includes using broad spectrum, high SPF sunscreen daily to protect against UV-based degradation; along with vitamin C and vitamin A (retinaldehyde) products to stimulate collagen producing cells.

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