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Excessive Sweating
Excessive Sweating

At Skin Institute, we understand that excessive sweating – technically known as ‘hyperhidrosis’ – can be a debilitating problem – not something you can simply fix with stronger antiperspirant.


Excessive sweating can be uncomfortable, certainly, but it can also take a psychological toll – causing social awkwardness and in turn making you unwilling to undertake certain activities or go particular places. Botox® treatment from our team of experts can be a highly effective solution.

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The most effective treatment for excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is with Botox®.

Botox® for hyperhydrosis is an injectable procedure that helps control the symptoms of severe underarm sweating by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the sweat glands don’t receive the chemical signals, the severe sweating stops. One session of Botox® is normally all that’s required and the effects can last up to 7 months.

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Important information from Allergan Pharmaceuticals. 
"Botox® is a Prescription Medicine containing 100 units of clostridium botulinum Type A toxin complex for injection. It is used for the treatment of severe frown lines and associated “crows feet” around the eyes. It should be administered by trained medical professionals. Talk to your specialist about the benefits/risks of this procedure in appearance medicine. Cautions: people with defective neuro-muscular transmission disorders, presence of infection at site of injection, glaucoma, pregnancy and lactation. Possible side effects include headaches, pain, burning or redness at injection site, local muscle weakness including drooping eye lids, lack of feeling & nausea. If you have side effects or concerns speak to your doctor. A charge applies. Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Auckland.” “Note: Botox® treatment lasts about four months and after this time further courses of treatment may be necessary. Speak to your specialist about your own situation”.

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