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New anti-ageing treatment
Skin Institute
August 10, 2015

Looking for a new way to improve your skins overall quality?Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer is a new-age procedure that can improve your skin’s texture, radiance and luminosity, leaving it feeling smoother and looking refreshed.

Dr Pier Marzinotto from the Skin Institute has a special interest in the latest innovative techniques in appearance medicine like Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer. He comments,“this procedure is the most natural way to restore skin quality from within, boosting your skin’s own ability to repair and rejuvenate.”

This advanced treatment uses growth factors released by activated concentrated platelets of the patient’s own blood, to repair damaged skin and promote rejuvenation. Platelet rich plasma has approximately four to seven times the normal concentration of platelets in whole blood and at this level has been clinically proven to promote the production of new collagen and blood vessels.

The initial stage of this procedure is similar to having a blood test. The amount of blood required will vary depending on the area that is treated, but typically, not more than 50ml of blood is required. With the whole procedure normally taking about 60 minutes.

After treatment, there may be some bruising, which will gradually subside over a week or two. After this many people will see an improvement in skin texture, colour and tone.

If you would like to book an appointment to talk to a cosmetic nurse about Platelet Rich Plasma Transfer click here, or please call us on 0800 SKIN DR (754 637).

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