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Vitamin C: more than meets the eye
Skin Institute
August 20, 2015

Do you often associate Vitamin C intake with staving off colds? Naturally the priority over winter is to look after our immune system and remain healthy, but this power vitamin does more than keep nasty bugs away – it helps renew the skin in more ways the one, resulting in younger, vibrant skin.

During winter we can become complacent with our fresh food intake in favour of comfort food. Our skin can become malnourished, dry out from the elements and look lacklustre. Vitamin C, dubbed the great skin ‘fortifier’, can help combat these seasonal drawbacks.


What can Vitamin C actually do?

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can help throughout your day, in a multitude of ways – starting with your skincare regime in the morning and ending with your meal choices at night.

It’s one the body’s hardest working anti-oxidants.  It protects us from environmental ‘nasties’ such as cigarette smoke.  It helps us absorb iron. And it helps us produce collagen. Collagen is intrinsically skin related so we’re qualified to tell you a little more about this:

Collagen helps us heal when wounded. It helps our skin retain that plumpness and elasticity of youthful looking faces, that so many of us desire! Believe it or not, it also is responsible for the bags under our eyes, which we know is of interest to many of you! So a little more about the eyes:


Vitiman C can improve the bags under your eyes!

Under the eyes is a common problem area. The infraorbital fat pad (what we often refer to as ‘bags’) becomes thinner as we age. The fat pad has an underlying yellow colour that comes from collagen, but as this collagen diminishes, the area appears darker.  Vitamin C combats this by promoting cell renewal and collagen production, which reduces dark circles and results in a vitalised pair of eyes to greet the day with!


Other key benefits of Vitamin C to the skin:

•                      Helps protect the skin from UV damage

•                      Stimulates collagen production to address fine lines

•                      Hydrates your skin

•                      Anti-inflammatory – reduces redness

•                      Reduces pigmentation

•                      Lighting and brightening


So how do I include Vitamin C in my day?


1. Include products such as a Synergie Potent-C Serum into your regime. Beware; not all Vitamin C is created equal. The Vitamin C (L ascorbic acid) in most serums breaks down easily when in contact with water and can become completely ineffective within days of opening the bottle, due to oxidization. Synergie’s Potent-C Serum uses a patented process to ensure the key ingredient maintains its effectiveness for 24 months. Plus, because of its extremely fine particle size it penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin where it can do its best work.
2. Use a high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen every day (even throughout winter). This will protect your skin’s collagen against UV-induced degradation, so that Vitamin C can be effective in its role of stimulating collagen production.
3. Eat fruit & veg high in Vitamin C. Winter cooking at the very least should include veges like broccoli, baked potatoes and tomatoes, and fruit like oranges and kiwifruit: these all contain good amounts of vitamin C and are extremely accessible fruit & veg.

There’s lots you can do to help your immune system and skin this winter. And as always, we’re here to help. If you’d like to talk to someone about a personalized skincare regime, take advantage of our free cosmetic consultation with a trained Appearance Medicine Nurse.

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