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Your step-by-step guide to beautiful skin on your wedding day
Skin Institute
December 18, 2015

Every bride wants beautiful, healthy skin on their big day. With a little planning and a touch of help from us here at Skin Institute, glowing skin can be a stress-free reality. Even if you’re feeling a bit rushed in the lead up to your wedding, a skin countdown plan can make all the difference.

We’ve enlisted one of our Appearance Medicine Nurses, Lee Keating, to create a plan for you. Follow it to the letter, or pick and choose the advice that sits well with you. At Skin Institute we’re all about customising plans to suit individuals’ needs and budgets, so we certainly aren’t proposing this one plan will fit all.

The benefit of a step-by-step beauty countdown is that it gives you time to work on improving the integrity of your skin. This is what will create a smooth canvas for wedding day make up. So this plan is about going beyond the makeup layer, to get you skin that glows from the inside out.

Starting your beauty timeline about three months before your wedding day is enough time to achieve great results.

Three months before


Begin by booking a free cosmetic consultation at Skin Institute. Don’t be alarmed: by “cosmetic” we don’t mean surgery! Cosmetic is simply another word for appearance.

Lee explains what happens in our free cosmetic consultations:

“I’ll carry out a skin analysis to determine the condition of the skin, discuss any specific concerns the bride may have and her desires for her big day, then recommend a customised treatment plan. We’re aiming for nourished skin that’s at its best so make up sits nicely on the skin and highlights the bride’s natural beauty.”


A good place to start is a simple skincare regime that includes a combination of vitamins A, B and C to give the skin that extra natural glow. Try a total vitamin treatment pack like Aspect Dr ABC Essential Skin Kit as a fast track to noticeably healthier looking skin.


There are a number of solutions that will help with specific areas of concern. For example:

  • To reduce large pores: “I might suggest dermal needling.  One or two sessions will help reduce pore size as well as rejuvenate the skin beautifully” she says. “Or there’s the alternative of at-home treatments with a take-home dermal roller.”
  • For luscious lips: “Fillers add hydration and soft volume to thin lips or other areas of concern and will last from six to 24 months.”

Two months before


Keep going with your daily skincare routine. Don’t forget your eye cream to tighten up lines around your eyes.


Now’s the time to even and brighten skin tone: Consider IPL. A laser skin rejuvenation procedure, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) boosts collagen, is anti-aging and results in the skin appearing fresher and more radiant. If you suffer from pigmentation or redness IPL gives the added benefit of treating these with excellent results.

For stubborn wrinkles and lines: “Wedding photos are often taken outdoors and in full sunlight and may induce squinting; Botox can be the perfect solution to soften any frown lines.” Aim to book around six weeks before the big day, allowing plenty of time for the treatment to settle in and take effect.

Other tips from Lee:

Drink plenty of water, vary your exercise schedule to avoid losing interest and remember to wear sunscreen! This might be a good time to cut out processed food, high salt snacks and sugary drinks. Feed your skin with fresh, healthy food that’s in season and full of nutrients.

One month before


Exfoliating at home is an easy way to keep your skin in tip top condition. Try a product like Aspect Dr Fruit Enzyme Mask using it once a week in the lead up to your wedding day. Make sure you don’t introduce a new product earlier than one month pre-wedding. Skin can react to new products it doesn’t like, and you don’t want any adverse reaction too close to the big day! At Skin Institute we advocate a slow and steady progress path to healthy, beautiful skin. Give your skin time to tell you what it needs.


You don’t want anything too invasive this close to your wedding. Good treatments to achieve a professional exfoliation are microderma/hydrabrasion and peels. 

Other tips from Lee:

Add lemon, strawberries or cucumber to your drinking water to keep you interested in drinking water. Hydtration is key to glowing skin. . Get lots of sleep, meditate and take a breather when you can. Stress has a biochemical reaction within your body that can show up in your skin. Keep calm and carry on!

One week before

Polish it off with confidence

If you didn’t manage to book a resurfacing peel in the last month, then now’s the time to prioritise it (and yourself!). Take half an hour out of what has no doubt been a busy build-up to the big day, and lie back for an intensive skin rejuvenation treatment.

Our pumpkin peel is an advanced exfoliation treatment, excellent for age management, acne & pigmented skin. It will brighten your complexion and add to your confidence on your special day.

Remember the beauty basics

The Skin Institute in Silverdale, Auckland where Lee Keating works, is one of a number of Skin Institute clinics around the country that offer expert beauty therapy advice and treatment. These also include pre-wedding must-haves like brow shape and tint, eyelash tints, waxing and for the ultimate de-stress, relaxing, therapeutic massage.

Beautiful skin will shine through in the wedding photos, so don’t forget your wedding party. Giving your bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride (or your mother in law) a little TLC before the main event makes a lot of sense. They’ll get ample attention on the day and want to look their best alongside you.

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