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Under the Needle with Emma Harding
Skin Institute
June 20, 2015

Following on from our last blog Demystifying Dermal Needling, we asked one of our team members to share with you her first-hand experience. We talked to Emma before and after her treatment. She’d never had Dermal Needling before.


Hi Emma! What are you expecting your treatment to feel like today?

From basic reading I think it might be slightly uncomfortable and result in my skin feeling mildly sunburnt.


What are you expecting the results to be?

Clearer skin, reduction of visible sun damage and fine lines  – generally a rejuvenation of my skin.


How are you feeling before the procedure?

I’m definitely nervous but excited about the potential results. After talking to the Appearance Medicine nurse Bonnie, she informed me a numbing cream would be applied to my skin prior to treatment. This certainly alleviated my concerns about any potential pain I might feel.  Bonnie explained that numbing cream meant I’d only feel a slight prickly / tugging feeling over my skin.


Emma can you describe what the procedure felt like?

It felt like a repeated pricking sensation and warming / tightening of my skin. It was mildly uncomfortable around my eye area as I have extremely sensitive skin – but given how sensitive my skin is, I was pretty surprised (and happy!) with how mild the discomfort was.


What did your skin look and feel like immediately afterwards?

After the treatment my face felt really tight. As you can see from my after photo my skin was a deep red.


“I looked as if I had run a marathon on little or no training….. but the redness settled down within 2 hours”


Do you think you could you go straight back to work? 

You could; there was no pain. But I wouldn’t want to with such a red face. If you don’t want to have to explain the redness, for example if you’re in a client-facing role, you might like to consider timing your booking for an extended lunch break or the end of the day. After about 2 hours, my skin had calmed down and I returned to work – looking a little more flushed than usual.


One month later update:

Emma_680x340My skin is brighter and fine lines around my eye area have definitely softened. My complexion is much more even and I had the added unexpected benefit of some minor scaring being improved. My skin looks healthier and rejuvenated. Overall, I’m very impressed by the results; it’s definitely worth the minimal discomfort. I would definitely recommend the treatment to friends and family.


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