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Creating a natural, balanced look is key for our newest team member
Skin Institute
January 10, 2016

Cosmetic medicine expert Dr Sarah Hart is thrilled to join the Skin Institute team in 2016. With a wealth of experience in New Zealand, Australia and China, Sarah says she can’t wait to share her knowledge and experience with patients and fellow doctors.

Before moving into cosmetic medicine, Sarah worked in hospital medicine and psychiatry. She says her background gives her an understanding of the importance of connecting with patients and taking a personal approach.

“I listen to what patients want and discuss the changes they’d like to see,” says Dr Sarah Hart. “It’s equally important for me to do an assessment myself. Every face needs something different. I take time to assess someone’s face holistically, to decide what the most appropriate treatment is for their face, and what will give them the best value for their money.

Together we decide what is the biggest need and what should be addressed first to give the most noticeable improvement. This might mean using fillers to enhance chin or smooth lines around the lips or Botulinum Toxin to decrease frown lines, or we might look at reducing pigmentation initially.

Often I’m helping to improve early sagging of the face, jowls and the hollows under the eyes. Volume loss in the face is caused by loss of fat and bone as you age. Sometimes this makes us look tired or sad, when we’re not. This kind of sagging can be restored with fillers.”

Sarah has a passion for fillers which has lead her to seek out the best teachers, and has had exceptional one-on-one training from internationally renowned surgeons from Australia and Brazil.

Internationally, new innovations in cosmetic medicine have introduced concepts that use fillers further back in the face to give a balanced result.

“Filler to enhance the cheekbones, by the ear and on the side of the face are providing new holistic treatments that make sure everything balances. This is referred to as framing and ensures a natural end result.”

Sarah says the best part of her job is seeing how transformations make people feel.

“Having worked in psychiatry, I’m constantly surprised by how effective cosmetic medicine is at making people look better and feel better,” she says.

“These treatments work really well and it’s incredible how improving someone’s appearance makes them feel better about themselves and often allows them to make other positive health choices. It changes how people see themselves when they look in the mirror and encourages them to take care of themselves in other ways. I’ve seen people take up an exercise programme, or go out more socially and connect more with their friends.”

While Sarah works hands on with patients, she’s also passionate about training fellow doctors.

“Fifteen years ago when I was still working in psychiatry, cosmetic medicine was in its infancy and now it’s an area in its own right,” she says. “I’m committed to training other doctors in cosmetic medicine so we have a high standard of cosmetic medicine practitioners coming through and we’re keeping things safe for patients on every level.”

Sarah is on the executive board of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, a special interest group of the GP college (RNZCGP), which helps guide the regulation of cosmetic medicine in New Zealand.

“I train around New Zealand, take workshops in Australia and have given lectures in China. These can be one-on-one sessions or up to 30 people at a time. I also attend about four conferences a year and recently spoke at the Australasian Medical Aesthetics Conference (AMAC) in Sydney.”

Sarah says the Skin Institute is the perfect place to help others and extend her own experience and knowledge.

“It’s exciting to work with an established, multi-disciplinary team who are all at the top of their game,” says Sarah. “All treatments and services are delivered from a safe medical background. There is this great synergy here, especially with the focus on skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, dermatology and surgery. I think my skills will be a really good match.”

Sarah says it was important to her to work with a business committed to excellent patient service.

“I’m really impressed with the Skin Institute’s purpose built laboratory, SkyLab, which specialises in skin cancer diagnosis,” she says. “It’s been purpose built to ensure patients receive exceptional service – that kind of commitment to innovation and involvement is inspiring. I wanted to be working with a team of people who are really committed to that.”

Interested in talking to Dr Hart about making a change? Phone 0800 SKIN DR (754 637).