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The top 10 skin care trends you’ll want to know about in 2016
Skin Institute
January 20, 2016

Skincare takes some interesting turns this year, with top trends set to include mindfulness, beauty regimes out of Asia and the idea of embracing serums. Read more about what’s on offer for your skin in 2016.


Active skincare versus natural and organic 

The popularity of natural and organic skincare products has been on the rise for years now, with many consumers believing natural means ‘safe’. But keep your wits about you: Heather Harrison, GM of Advanced Skin Technology, warns “be aware that some natural ingredients can in fact be irritating and cause inflammation for some people. Cosmeceutical skincare on the other hand, typically offers higher concentrations of active ingredients that are safe, effective and deliver results at a cellular level.”

So while organic skincare continues its rise, demand for cosmeceuticals is starting to spiral. Driven by the universal quest for rejuvenated, youthful skin, medical grade products that contain potent active ingredients are being sought after by those who want results.. By medical grade products we mean skincare that is only allowed to be stocked at medical clinics like Skin Institute. These have higher concentrations of active ingredients than you can find in general beauty spas or department stores.

If you’re concerned about irritating your skin and that’s why you choose natural, consider theAspect Dr brand, whose philosophy is “results without trauma”. Aspect Dr products are free of known irritants and the range is expertly formulated with the latest cutting edge actives to offer a new direction in clinical grade skincare. If you want advice before you buy, we offer afree cosmetic consultation with our medically trained Appeareance Medicine Nurses, that’ll take into account your unique skin type and needs.


Pale is the new tan

Championed by the Asian skincare market for decades and now driven by the K-Beauty trend (more on that shortly), porcelain pale skin is likely to go mainstream in the west in 2016. With awareness of climate change and resulting pollution taking its toll on our skin, people are looking for ways to avoid harmful UV rays, toxins and reduce the impact of modern life. People are going further than slapping on sunscreen: Many are now turning to skin brightening serums such as this powerful one from SkinMedica; it works to regulate pigment production for a lighter, brighter appearance, and over time reduce dark spots caused by aging and sun damage. IPL is another great option; this rejuvenation treatment is primarily used to reduce pigmentation with excellent results.


Adding serums to your skincare regime

Serums deliver potent active ingredients (vitamins and antioxidants) directly into the skin. After analysis and consultation (your first cosmetic consultation is free at Skin Institute), our Appearance Medicine practitioners can recommend treatment options that include specific serums to address your skin concerns. As a medical skincare clinic we’re able to offer serums that are “practitioner only” – meaning they have the highest concentration of active ingredients and are only available from medical clinics under advice from trained skincare experts. We stock only the top brands including Synergie, SkinMedica and Aspect Dr – visit ouronline store to view our wide range of serums.


Dermal needling

Dermal needling is a natural, non-chemical, high tech treatment that helps to improve the appearance of your skin by inducing collagen production, without damaging the epidermis. It’s an intensive dermal roller treatment, which can only be administered by a trained practitioner. This treatment is becoming increasingly popular, with results including reduction of visible sun damage, wrinkles, acne scarring and pigmentation. At Skin Institute we use thedermapen system: the small size of the dermapen allows treatment in hard to reach areas such as around the eyes, lips and nose. Dermal needling rejuvenates the skin quickly and has the advantage of generally very little down time compared to some other cosmetic procedures. Read about a first hand experience with dermal needling here.


DIY dermal

While the dermal roller used for dermal needling is a professional grade instrument, you can expect to see a rise in availability of devices that can be used in the home this year. Either on their own or in partnership with serums to enhance their effectiveness, of the range of DIY devices, the home dermal roller is the one to watch in 2016.

At Skin Institute, the Synergie Rejuvaderm Home Roller is available to purchase for at-home use. Daily rolling can achieve 40x greater penetration of active ingredients compared with massaging serums directly into the skin. It’s simple science that can improve the performance of your skin care.


#selfie and plastic surgery

From its heyday in 2013 when it became the Oxford dictionary’s word of the year, the selfie has progressed from teen obsession to a socially acceptable norm. While some of us might pop a filter over our pic, others take it to the next level by enlisting professional help. Apparently there’s a rise in demand for plastic surgery facial procedures due to the increased pressure to take a good selfie! As a multi-disciplinary skin health clinic we offer cosmetic surgery with one of New Zealand’s best: Zac Moaveni.


K-Beauty – the Korean influence on skincare

Ahead of the game globally, the Korean skincare industry will continue to boom in 2016. Korean women and men buy more beauty products, change brands readily and are committed to achieving flawless, ageless, porcelain skin.

A constant stream of new beauty regimes and products from the small Asian country are rapidly gaining global interest. Look out for fermented ingredients such as sea kelp, sheet masks (contoured single-use sheets soaked in powerful ingredients) and ‘magic water droplets’ (tiny beads of water magically appear as the product’s applied to the skin, giving an instant moisture surge). Intrigued? Our Appearance Medicine team keep a close eye on all the latest trends and are continuously reviewing the products we use and stock, so stay tuned…


Cruelty-free cosmetics

In April last year New Zealand banned animal testing for cosmetics. While there’s never been a record of animal testing for finished cosmetic products or their ingredients in our country, the amendment to the animal welfare bill was a step towards joining a large number of countries making the cruelty-free move. Choosing an anti-cruelty cosmetic is a personal choice but it seems that creators and consumers across the globe are prioritising our furry friends. At Skin Institute our core skincare range, for example from Aspect Dr, Skin Medica and Synergie, are all cruelty-free.


The mind/skin connection

While mindfulness techniques for general health and wellbeing have been trending through 2014 and 2015, this year they’ll be applied to the condition of your skin. Often developed through meditation and breathing exercises, the study of mindfulness can be immune boosting, calming and stress busting; an easy and affordable way to give your mental health a reboot and your skin a healthy glow! Find out more about the ‘mind-skin’ connection.


You are what you eat

Nutritional solutions for improving your skin draw on global knowledge in 2016 with juices, anti-oxidant super fruits, apple cider vinegar and age-old traditions like lemon squeezed into water top of the list. Food choices are said to have an impact on acne, inflammation and rosacea, so before you down another sugary drink, why not try something a little different this year? Kombucha, a fermented, slightly bubbly, sweet black or green tea is being downed around the world for health benefits. Whilst we’re not specialists in nutrition we do believe in holistic healthcare so from time to time we share our nutrition and hydration tips we’ve discovered ourselves, on our Facebook page. Other excellent sources of information on this topic include Dr Libby and Sarah Wilson.

New year, renewed skin? If you’re looking for new ways to get the skin you’ve always wanted, book a free cosmetic consultation or give us a call on 0800 SKIN DR (754 637).