Special spot check offer for AA Members

Book a free AA spot check below or call us on 0800 SPT CHK
Book a free AA spot check below or call us on 0800 SPT CHK
Book your free AA Member spot check
Skin Institute have teamed up with the AA to offer a free spot check for AA Members. Available free if booked before 31 July 2017, exclusively at Skin Institute Silverdale.
  • If you’ve never had your skin checked, or you’ve noticed any changes or abnormalities to the colour, shape or size of up to 5 moles or lesions anywhere on your body, book a free AA Member spot check, available exclusively at Skin Institute Silverdale. Book before 31 July 2017 and our expert team will assess up to 5 lesions free of charge (saving you $105), giving you peace of mind about your skin health.

  • Our doctors will be looking for changes to moles or lesions on your body using a Derm Light (or Dermatascope), including asymmetry (two halves of the mole are different), border (edges are poorly defined i.e. ragged, blurred or an irregular shape), colour (uneven with shades of black, brown and tan), different from other lesions (ugly duckling) and evolving (constantly changing).

  • If something is found during your consultation, the doctor will discuss the options available to you. These could include a biopsy (a small incision to remove tissue for further investigation), surgical removal performed by our expert doctors and surgeons; or photograph and watch, which means our doctors will photograph the spots of concern, and set up regular follow up appointments with you to monitor any further changes.

  • Our multi-disciplinary clinics are thoroughly experienced with skin cancer management – and our team of highly-qualified specialists will guide you through from diagnosis to treatment to a healthier tomorrow. You can rely on us to be at your side through the whole process.

Don't leave your skin health to chance
  • Regular assessments by a specialist

    Almost 70,000 sun-loving Kiwis are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Self-assessment plays an important part in early detection and survival, as does having your skin assessed regularly by a specialist. Our team is experienced in skin cancer management – from assessment and diagnosis to treatment and post-surgical reconstruction.

  • Can affect anyone, at any age.

    Melanoma is the most common cancer in men aged 25 – 44, and the second most common in women of the same age. So even if you’re young, regular skin assessments for early detection are essential. Regardless of your age, skin cancer is something that every New Zealander needs to be wary of. We love the sun and it shows in our skin. But what you may consider to be normal aging (e.g. brown ‘age spots’) can actually be something far more serious.

  • The risks of Melanoma

    Over 4,000 kiwis are diagnosed with Melanoma every year, with over 70% of cases occurring in people over the age of 50. Sunburn in childhood increases risk of melanoma in later life, and the use of sun beds before the age of 35 is associated with a 59% increase in the risk of Melanoma. Take care of your skin by avoiding sunburn and protecting your skin against UV radiation using physical methods (shade, broad-brimmed hats, sunglasses, clothing) and a quality broad spectrum zinc-based sunscreen.

  • Self-assessments

    Check your entire body regularly, including skin not normally exposed to the sun. You should ask for help from someone else to check difficult-to-see areas, such as your back, neck and scalp. Follow the ‘Ugly Duckling’ rule – if you notice a mole or skin lesion that looks out of place or feels different from the others, see a specialist.

Book a free AA spot check below or call us on 0800 SPT CHK
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