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Book below or call us on 0800 SPT CHK (778 245)
Book below or call us on 0800 SPT CHK (778 245)
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  • Have you checked your skin lately?
    70,000 New Zealanders’ are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer every year. Early detection is essential so it’s imperative to perform regular skin checks in order to recognise changes to your skin.  A small spot can be the sign of a much larger problem so if you’ve spotted a suspicious mole you need to get in touch with a skin cancer specialist.  Follow the ‘Ugly Duckling’ rule – if you notice a mole or skin lesion that looks out of place or feels different from the others, see a specialist who can discuss diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Skin cancer can affect anyone, at any age.

    Sun damage from your teens and twenties can present itself later on as uneven skin tone, wrinkles, age spots or skin cancer.  With over 4,000 kiwis diagnosed with Melanoma every year it affects people of all ages –  over 70% of cases occur in people over the age of 50 and it is the most common cancer in men aged 25 – 44, and the second most common in women of the same age. Regardless of your age, annual examinations by a qualified doctor are recommended as the best way to detect patterns of change in your skin.

  • Watch Adine Wilson's story.

    Adine Wilson was diagnosed with melanoma when she was only 25 years old. Her husband, Jeff Wilson, noticed a mole on her arm which was removed and confirmed as a malignant melanoma. Adine had been a sun worshipper however, her relationship with the sun changed dramatically.  Sunscreen shade, sunglasses and good old common sense in the sun has replaced sunbathing and sunbeds. Adine’s family do not hide from the sun but respect it and are responsible when in it. Adine is very passionate about spreading this message to New Zealander’s.

  • Your skin is in safe hands.

    Skin Institute has over 20 years experience in all aspects of dermatology and skin cancer management.  Our Doctors provide expert assessment and diagnosis through to leading edge treatment options, reconstruction and post-surgical care.  You can rest assured your skin health is in the very best of hands. Skin Institute provide personalised care that is of the highest standard in a safe and caring environment.  Watch Dr Mark Izzard speak about the signs of skin cancer and what to do to improve sun damaged skin.

Book below or call us on 0800 SPT CHK (778 245)
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