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Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re looking for a more lasting physical change, you needn’t look further than Skin Institute’s team of surgeons, who have been changing lives for years.


If you’ve tried temporary, non-invasive procedures such as Botox® or fillers and are enjoying the results and are now looking for something more permanent, or in need of reconstructive surgery following treatment for other conditions, cosmetic surgery with Skin institute ensures that you are treated by the best surgeons in the business and will end up looking the way you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure the safety and efficacy of your surgery, as we have been for thousands of New Zealanders already.

Plastic surgery is part 'art' and part 'science'. Every patient requires an individually tailored solution and my philosophy is to dedicate whatever time, attention and effort is required to achieve the desired result in the safest possible way.

Mr Zachary Moaveni
Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Book a cosmetic surgery consultation

Book a cosmetic surgery consultation with our cosmetic surgeons.

Book a Consultation
Book a cosmetic surgery consultation

Book a cosmetic surgery consultation with our cosmetic surgeons.

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Deciding on surgery

Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery is a big decision; in addition to the beneficial long-term outcomes, some procedures can be fairly invasive, usually requiring some form of anaesthetic. You should be fully informed about all aspects before you make a final decision, so we’ll take the time to thoroughly explain any surgical procedures to you so that you are completely comfortable before you undergo the surgery.

Consultations and support

Before any cosmetic procedure takes place, you’ll meet with one of our experienced surgeons. You can then take the time to fully consider your options before coming back for a follow-up to ask any questions you may have. Likewise, throughout the process we will be right beside you to ensure your safety and comfort.

Ensuring your health and safety

At your consultations, we’ll fully assess your general health and medical status to ensure that it is safe for you to undergo the procedure you and your surgeon have decided on. Our highly skilled surgeons will talk you through any risks and what the steps are for the surgical and post-operative care process for the procedure you have elected to undergo. With this extensive preparation, you can go into your surgery confident in both the process and the end result.


To find out more specific information, please browse our procedures, or if you’re ready to talk to one of our team, book a consultation now.

Easy Ways to Pay

There are easy ways to pay for your treatments.

Humm – take it today, take time to pay

        • Buy “little things” up to $1,000, interest free!
        • Repay in 5 fortnightly or 10 weekly slices
        • Repay and free up your balance to spend again​​​​​​​
        • OR buy “big things” and get approved online or in-store for up to $3000, interest free!
        • Depending on where you shop and what you buy, repay over 6 months
        • Available for both in-clinic and Skin Store purchases.

Q Card

        • 12 months interest free
        •  Apply quickly and easily online whilst in the clinic, via the online application form. Application time takes around 3-5  minutes.
        • Q card automatically approve amounts up to $15,000 via the online application process.
        • Higher limits can be requested but take a little longer to be approved so the application should be completed prior to your treatment.
Why Skin Institute?

At Skin Institute, we take the time to ensure that you are fully informed and can trust in the expertise of our team. Since 1994, we have grown into a multi-disciplinary specialist centre with over 18 clinics nationwide. Our surgeons are all extremely experienced, having worked around New Zealand and throughout the world in their specialty areas, and they bring that experience back to Skin Institute to benefit you. We are continually striving to improve our services and keep up to date with the latest research on treatments, to ensure that you feel confident with us as your skin health partner.

Book a Consultation
Book a cosmetic surgery consultation

Book a cosmetic surgery consultation with our cosmetic surgeons.