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Skin Cancer

We understand how scary a prospect skin cancer can be. With the expert team at Skin Institute, you can feel secure in the knowledge that you’ve got the best behind you.


Trained in the management of skin cancer, we’re the only centre to offer everything from full body skin cancer assessments through to advanced surgery thanks to our team of qualified specialists and nurses. Whether you’re trying to ensure you never have to go through skin cancer, or dealing with the consequences of younger years spent tanning, we’re here to help.

Having a skin cancer diagnosed is an insurmountable fear for many people, however not having it diagnosed is worse and the vast majority who are diagnosed with a skin cancer and then treated are astounded at how easy the process was and how much relief they felt from the process.

Dr Marcus Platts Mills
Dermatology Associate, Skin Cancer
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Start with prevention

We all know New Zealand’s sun isn’t the easiest on the skin – that’s why our skin cancer rate is among the highest in the world. The blazing sunshine and hole in the ozone layer over New Zealand leads to thousands of people each year suffering from melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, or squamous cell carcinoma. Protect your skin in advance to save yourself a lot of worry and prevent yourself from becoming another skin cancer statistic. Find out how here.

Skin cancer is prevalent

We’ve treated over 20,000 patients with skin cancer over the last ten years, so we know just how common skin cancer is. If you do find yourself with a form of skin cancer, you’re definitely not alone! No matter when you’re affected, our team of skin cancer specialists will provide you with expert care – your partner along the way to skin health.

All types of treatment

Not everyone has the same type of skin cancer, so it follows that not everyone needs the same treatment. At Skin Institute, you’ll find both simple and advanced skin cancer treatment and management, with specialty surgeries for difficult (and prominent) areas like the face. No matter how advanced your skin cancer, we’ve got a treatment to suit.

Why Skin Institute?

At Skin Institute, we understand that skin cancer can be an intimidating diagnosis to come to terms with. Our multidisciplinary clinics are thoroughly experienced with skin cancer management – and our team of highly-qualified specialists will guide you through from diagnosis to treatment to a healthier tomorrow. You can rely on us to be at your side through the whole process.

Skin Institute is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society, and skin cancer treatments may be covered by medical insurance where criteria apply.

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Book a skin cancer consultation with one of our Doctors. You may be after a full body skin cancer assessment, or a consultation for a specific skin cancer concern. Whatever your need, we have Doctors available to help.